Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hippos (16 Dec.2006)

Elephant bull gets angry (16 Dec.2006)

One of the longest and more interesting stories of elephants interaction we had ever ...Two elephants drank together when a third joined them ..The one tusker became aggresive and tried to chase him ..He left for a while and came back from the other side of the waterhole ..then the one tusker became really angry ..he walked against him into the waterhole last the other elephant left ...Great to listen to it too ...

Impala and Red billed Oxpeckers (16 Dec. 2006)

Vervet monkeys drinking with Impala (16 Dec. 2006)

Egyptian geese (16 Dec.2006)

Burchell's starling, (16 Dec. 2006)

Vervet monkeys (16 Dec. 2006)

Warthog (16 Dec.2006)

A terrapin leaving the waterhole (16 Dec.2006)